Your order integration

In this chapter we would talk about purchase using Payment class. The Payment class is defined by you and have any possible methods. To simply things let's suppose it looks like this:

namespace App\Model;

class Payment
    public $details;

    public $price;

    public $currency;

To allow purchase using this Payment we have to create payum's action. The action is like a driver between your domain and a gateway. As an example we created a capture action that can capture order using foo gateway.

namespace App\Payum\Action;

use App\Model\Payment;
use Payum\Core\Request\Capture;
use Payum\Core\Exception\RequestNotSupportedException;
use Payum\Core\Action\ActionInterface;
use Payum\Core\GatewayAwareTrait;
use Payum\Core\GatewayAwareInterface;

class CaptureOrderUsingFooAction implements ActionInterface, GatewayAwareInterface
    use GatewayAwareTrait
    public function execute($request)
        RequestNotSupportedException::assertSupports($this, $request);

        $order = $request->getModel();

        $request->setModel(new \ArrayObject(array(
            'foo_price' => $order->price,
            'foo_currency' => $order->currency


        $order->details = $request->getModel();

    public function supports($request)
            $request instanceof Capture &&
            $request->getModel() instanceof Payment

Now we have to add this action to gateway object. Also you have to register a storage that able to store Payment. You have to add to config.php that was described in get it started chapter.

// config.php

use App\Payum\Action\CaptureOrderUsingFooAction;

// ...

$gateways['foo']->addAction(new CaptureOrderUsingFooAction);

$storages['App\Model\Payment'] = new FilesystemStorage('/path/to/storage', 'App\Model\Payment');

// ...
// prepare.php

use App\Model\Payment;

include __DIR__.'/config.php';

/** @var \Payum\Core\Payum $payum */
$storage = $payum->getStorage('App\Model\Payment');

$order = $storage->create();
$order = new Payment;
$order->price = 1;
$order->currency = 'USD';

$captureToken = $payum->getTokenFactory()->createCaptureToken('foo', $order, 'done.php');

header("Location: ".$captureToken->getTargetUrl());

Supporting Payum

Payum is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of community and our customers. If you'd like to join them, please consider:

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