Use this method if you already get a credit card details somehow, and you just have to send them to Stripe.


We have to only add the gateway factory. All the rest remain the same:


use Payum\Core\PayumBuilder;
use Payum\Core\Payum;

/** @var Payum $payum */
$payum = (new PayumBuilder())
    ->addGateway('gatewayName', [
        'factory' => 'stripe_checkout',
        'publishable_key' => 'EDIT IT',
        'secret_key' => 'EDIT IT'



Do next:

// prepare.php

use Payum\Core\Model\CreditCard;

// ...

/** @var \Payum\Core\Model\Payment $payment */

$card = new CreditCard();
$card->setExpireAt(new \DateTime('2018-10-10'));


Here you have to modify a gatewayName value. Set it to stripe. And create and populate a credit card object. The rest remain the same as described in basic get it started documentation.

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