How to contribute from sub repository

Some time you do not need the whole payum stuff and decided to install only a single gateway. Let's say it was a payum/stripe. Later on you found a bug fixed it and want to contribute it back to payum main repository. The patch could not be accepted on payum/stripe repository. It is readonly subtree split repository. Here I show you how to move your fixes to payum/payum repository and push them.

  1. Fork payum/payum repository on GitHub.

  2. Clone forked repository locally.

$ git clone Payum
$ cd Payum
$ git checkout -b patch1
  1. Add your fork of payum/stripe repository as remote and fetch changes

$ git remote add foo
$ git fetch foo
  1. Merge changes from sub repository

$ git subtree pull --prefix=src/Payum/Stripe/ foo patch1
  1. Push changes to GitHub and open a Pull Request as usual.

$ git push origin patch1

Supporting Payum

Payum is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of community and our customers. If you'd like to join them, please consider:

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