Blade Templating

Some gateways require authorizations in one way or another. Some of these are to be included as a javascript or iframe or anything else on your page. By default, payum solves this with twix templates. With Laravel we are used to work with blade, and the laravel-package includes a simple way to use blade templates with payum instead of the default twix.


All you have to do is change the configuration of payum on the gateway you want to apply the blade templating. This is a example of the klarna_checkout-gateway config. The important part for changing the templateing is payum.action.render_template and payum.template.authorize.

/** @var Payum $payum */
$payum = (new PayumBuilder())
    ->addGateway('aGateway', [
        'factory' => 'klarna_checkout'
        'merchant_id' => '',
        'secret' => '',
        'payum.action.render_template' => new \Payum\LaravelPackage\Action\RenderTemplateAction(), // Activates blade templating
        'payum.template.authorize' => 'page.klarna-checkout-authorize', // Your custom blade-template

Supporting Payum

Payum is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of community and our customers. If you'd like to join them, please consider:

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