Klarna Invoice: Get Started

In this chapter we are going to talk about the most common task: purchase of a product Klarna Invoice. Unfortunately, You cannot use Payum's order to purchase stuff. Only klarna specific format is supported. We assume you already read basic get it started.


The preferred way to install the library is using composer. Run composer require to add dependencies to composer.json:

php composer.phar require payum/klarna-invoice php-http/guzzle7-adapter


We have to only add the gateway factory. All the rest remain the same:


use Payum\Core\PayumBuilder;
use Payum\Core\Payum;

/** @var Payum $payum */
$payum = (new PayumBuilder())
    ->addGateway('klarna', [
        'factory' => 'klarna_invoice',
        'eid' => 'EDIT IT',
        'secret' => 'EDIT IT',
        'country' => 'SE',
        'language' => 'SV',
        'currency' => 'SEK',
        'sandbox' => true,


An initial configuration for Payum basically wants to ensure we have things ready to be stored such as a token, or a payment details. We also would like to have a registry of various gateways supported and the place where they can store their information (e.g. payment details).

Note: Consider using something other than FilesystemStorage in production. DoctrineStorage may be a good alternative.

First we have modify config.php a bit. We need to add gateway factory and payment details storage.


// prepare.php

use Payum\Core\Model\ArrayObject;
use Payum\Klarna\Invoice\Request\Api\GetAddresses;

include __DIR__.'/config.php';

/** @var \Payum\Core\Payum $payum */

$gateway = $payum->getGateway('klarna_invoice');
$gateway->execute($getAddresses = new GetAddresses($pno));

$storage = $payum->getStorage(ArrayObject::class);

$details = $storage->create();
$details = array(
    /** @link http://developers.klarna.com/en/testing/invoice-and-account */
    'pno' => '410321-9202',
    'amount' => -1,
    'gender' => \KlarnaFlags::MALE,
    'articles' => array(
            'qty' => 4,
            'artNo' => 'HANDLING',
            'title' => 'Handling fee',
            'price' => '50.99',
            'vat' => '25',
            'discount' => '0',
            'flags' => \KlarnaFlags::INC_VAT | \KlarnaFlags::IS_HANDLING
    'billing_address' => $getAddresses->getFirstAddress()->toArray(),
    'shipping_address' => $getAddresses->getFirstAddress()->toArray(),

$captureToken = $payum->getTokenFactory()->createCaptureToken('klarna_invoice', $details, 'done.php');

$_REQUEST['payum_token'] = $captureToken;

include __DIR__.'/capture.php';

That's it. As you see we configured Klarna Invoice config.php and set details prepare.php. capture.php and done.php scripts remain same.

Supporting Payum

Payum is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of community and our customers. If you'd like to join them, please consider:

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